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Gram Technology 2016


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Solution - Delivering promises

Unless your technology platform is visually compelling and user easy, it will not make the final cut. Gram Technologies is a think-based software development endeavour that offers wider range of information technology solution for the web and related applications.

Gram is a team of professionals and brand gurus who work in unison to create advanced web based products. It also offers a broad spanning of tech-services in connection with information technology. The keys to hatch a successful cyber brand take efficiency from across a number of disciplines. From information technology to software development, from database management to search engine optimization, from quality interaction experience to appealing interface design, from customer behaviour patterns to brand breeding capabilities. From color and ambience expertise to we-will-make-you-buy type content developers.

Gram is an offshoot of Gbrain. The parental organization belongs in the branding, brand marketing, and branding consulting slot. It has a collective team experience that spans 2 decades, apart from organizational hands-on experience of more than 8 years. Gbrain has helped many brands grow from scratch to well-known brands, world over. It has also bagged most coveted awards like Creative Communicator Award (CCA 2009) for which there had been 50 categories and 3000 plus entries and 18 participating nations. It also has secured awards from Government of Kerala for social awareness campaign like Anti-Drug Awareness Initiatives.

E-Commerce Consulting

Ecommerce is the next big thing no brand can do away with. The gadget-addicted, all-time online netizens will be ruling the world economy very shortly. It is remarkable that even the reluctant Government of India has given up its earlier lip-tightly stand on ecommerce foreign direct investment.

Gram Technology, having a collective market experience that stretches to 20 years, delivers its customers edgy technological choices and fantastic services banking on the over-all know-hows. Gram Technologies will offer your visitors an extremely lovable shopping experience by adding features like shopping cart to your website. So you can run your business 24/7 with a very minimal expense!

Gram Technologies Ecommerce consulting and advisory services help you establish an Ecommerce strategy for your business. We help you to explore the costs and benefits of using Ecommerce and then to establish an appropriate strategy to make it a reality. Speak to our customer support executive now regarding Ecommerce.

Our Clients

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